Exotic Materials

Although most of you are saying to yourselves “I don’t want to spend all that money on a kitchen!”, it just might be worth it. Let’s look at things realistically:

You renovate your home how often? Exactly! Once every 20 years!! If you are debating about price, my suggestion is take your time and really consider the expense. You do it one time and don’t have to do it again the next year. Make sure when considering a slab:

1. It’s the style & color you like.
2. If you have children you may want to look for Quartz rather than natural materials.
3. Make sure that the cost is efficient & effective.
4. Way out all your options before coming to a rash decision.

African Rainbow 6_edited-1 AFRICAN RAINBOW_edited-1 AFRICAN RAINBOW 2 _edited-1



Look how beautiful this African Rainbow Exotic Quartzite came out in the cherry glazed kitchen! It’s just simply stunning. I believe that if you are going to remodel your kitchen don’t just settle. Take you time and really plan ahead. After all, you won’t be doing this over and over. It’s a one time fee that will keep you smiling in your new timeless, & classic kitchen. The kitchen is most important room when buying or owning a home. So make yours just right! Love the kitchen you’ve put together. We can help!


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