Complete Apartment Remodel

Did you just purchase a new apartment or are you considering purchasing an apartment that needs a facelift?  Why not considering a complete apartment remodel using a one stop shop.  Absolute Plus Kitchen & Granite will meet all your needs.  From space planning to designing, demolition to installation, we can do it all for you with ease and precision.  Why would you want to use 10 different subcontractors when all you need is Absolute Plus?

Here is our 8 Step Process to getting your renovation complete:

Step 1 – Consultation:

Following a brief telephone introduction call, we will schedule a ‘get acquainted’ meeting to discuss ideas, details of the work to be performed, as well as review potential design options for your apartment or home renovation. A personal meeting is very important to our process. This allows us as your remodeling contractor to work accurately with you on design and budget until you are satisfied with the scope of the project.

Step 2 – Budgeting

At Absolute Plus we’re not in the business of sending out estimates that we know will get us the job, we’re in the business of getting you an accurate estimate for what your project will cost to be done RIGHT, by licensed and experienced craftsmen. At Absolute Plus “good” just isn’t good enough. Consequently, we deliver impeccable results, sure to increase the value of your home and the quality of your life, hassle free, at a price point very much within the regional industry average.

Step 3 – Proposal and Design

When you are confident that we may provide you with what you are looking for, a proposal with the design will be developed and presented. At Absolute Plus, we provide accurate prices from the outset – another example of our open communication procedures. At this time, we will now review your detailed estimate, answer any questions you may have about the proposal and note any changes you may have to the proposed remodeling or construction project. Once a contract has been agreed upon, the pre-construction process will take place.

Step 4 – Pre-Costruction

Once plans are drawn and approved and a thorough scope of work, firm cost, and length of project are prepared, we’re ready to get to work! All our projects are carefully planned, scheduled, and financially managed in order to complete each one on time and on budget. With that pre-construction work underway including finalizing plans and obtaining building permits, your home or office renovation or new build project is well on its way to becoming a reality!

Step 5 – Site Preparation and Protection

Before the actual construction work begins, we will take measures to cover and protect certain areas of your home or commercial job site that adjoin the work area in order to keep them as dust and scratch free as possible throughout the project.

Step 6 – Let’s Get to Work

Once work is underway, we’ll begin a new chapter in our relationship. It is during the first phase that demolition is taking place and you’ll be excited as you see changes daily. Now you will finally see work of our licensed craftsman and what they are made of. Absolute Plus is still very much a father and son team that know that we’re only as good as our last job. Advertising in Architectural magazines is expensive, we believe that it’s far more cost effective and stress free to simply focus on making sure that every single project will deliver us referrals and down the line, repeat business. Our team is comprised of every conceivable artisan necessary for every type of home remodeling project, which means that your project will be completed on time, within your budget and without worry.

Step 7 – Weekly Meetings

On most projects, there will be a weekly meeting set up. This creates the opportunity to discuss decisions to be made, unforeseen complications and generally check in with each other to discuss how things are going. Once the project is underway, any change to the scope of work must be documented and approved in a change order. We don’t present surprise bills for extra work at the end of the project. Because we try to be as thorough as possible when putting our renovation proposal together, change orders are usually caused by one of three events: hidden conditions, builder inspector requests, or client changes to the original proposal.

Step 8 – Project Completion

While the final finishes are being installed, you’ll begin to really get excited about living in and using your brand new space! All during the home or office construction or renovation we keep the site as neat and clean as possible. At the last day of project, the entire work area will be professionally cleaned.

Contact us now! 718.667.3000 or


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